You're a shape-shifting robot who got thrown out of a window by his boss - "Stoopid robats!" he yelled. "He took a shift on my desk!"

Fall for as long as you can, to show your boss where he can stick his opinion! It's time for one last hurrah.


  • Brain-twisting shapeshifting mechanic! Shift into the right shape to pass barriers!
  • Skull-obliterating powerup! Collect the "Skull Breaker" to turn into a massive murder-dispensing death machine!
  • Break your highscore and your neck!
  • Face-thumping electro soundtrack will pump spinal fluid out your eyes in no-time!


Move left and right with arrow keys. Shift into different shapes with the 1 (square), 2 (triangle) and 3 (rectangle) keys.

Created for Ludum Dare 35 by Jonathan Reiss

Twitter: @Gravedrinker


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Just kidding 26 lol.  Good game!

Not bad! Thank you very much. Could be a lot more to it and more refined of course but for a gamejam game I was really happy with it when I made it.  

yes def a cool concept though.  

I like the idea, definitely gotta think to play it.  I enjoyed it.  only made it to 17 but hey lol.  good game.  come check out mine sometime :) have a great day!

lol thanks for playing it! Made me happy to see. :D